About Us

History of Our Company
Establishment: We were known previously as Mayes Education Agency and we have been focusing and actively working with some of the Global Universities for almost 8 years in the Field of Student recruitment, making deals with universities and getting lots of students to one university, as well as Joint Programmes between Middle Eastern Universities and British Universities, our office was in the UK and then we came to Jordan and operated as Achieve Education Abroad
Achieve Education Abroad has merged with Eduarx. All of our clients, partners and stockholders have been informed. We are excited and optimistic about this combination since it will create tremendous growth prospects for everyone. Not only will it strengthen our business, but it will also increase our market share. Additionally, the extra resources will improve our performance and ability to provide everyone with better goods and services.
We are expanding our services to include student mobile application solutions and career advice, the mobile application for student recruitment that allows students to apply directly to the majors in the universities, and it will also support our educational counsellors to find the best fit for students.